Dog Development

A Fresh Approach to Dog Training

Our Dog Development program is centered around communication between the dog and owner. Focusing on this aspect of the relationship is the key to creating a lifelong positive connection for both you and your canine companion(s). Whether it is learning simple commands (e.g. – sit, down, place, etc.), establishing boundaries or curving unwanted behaviors (e.g. – excessive barking, jumping, food aggression, etc.), our goal is to give our clients the tools and the knowledge they need to successfully achieve an enduring bond.

Our Certified Dog Trainer, Jonathan Graham, takes on a whole new approach of developing better behaviors by reading and understanding canine body language and successfully relaying the information to our clients. “My goal is to teach my clients how to better communication to their dogs without establishing a negative or ‘dominant’ bond.  It is sometimes not what you do but rather what you do not need to do if your dog is displaying any unwanted behaviors.  From jumping on guests to teaching/reinforcing the commands such as ‘sit or down’ in any environment, my work has a lifetime guarantee.”


How do I enroll in the Dog Development program?

All potential students are asked to complete a questionnaire. Once complete, please email it to, and Jon will contact you to discuss next steps. For your convenience, the questionnaire is available for download – please click on the button below.

Basic Obedience

Offered either at the client’s home or at our Inn, Basic Obedience courses are taught ONE (1) time per week a minimum of SIX (6) weeks, or for as long as it takes Jon to help the dog(s) and their owners develop the following skills/commands – On Leash (Sit, Come, Down, Stay, Focus, Control, Recall) & Loose Leash Walking. The client is required to practice skills/commands with their dog(s) as instructed by Jon in order to achieve the desired results. Mileage fee may apply.

In-Home Behavioral/ Obedience Development

Behavioral/Obedience Development is taught at the client’s home to provide a more personal form of dog development assistance. Jon will come to the house and provide a full evaluation of the dog’s(s’) issues. Depending on the severity of the dog(s) behavior/obedience concerns, additional sessions may be recommended to assure that the development process is successful. After completion of an in-home development program, follow-up visits will be offered at a discount. Mileage fee may apply.

K9 Academy Club

For those clients that would like to have their dog stay with us and learn at the same time, Howliday Inn offers this on-premise dog development program. While lodging with us, Club members receive TWO (2) hours a day of one-on-one development with Jon throughout the stay based on development needed. Clients complete a questionnaire prior to their pup’s visit, and Jon will review expectations to ensure client’s needs are addressed. This service includes a daily status sheet and maintenance information to assist pet parents upon their return home. In-home follow-up session may be requested for an additional discounted charge. Mileage fee may apply.