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The following is a compilation of some of the most common questions AND their answers regarding our lodging & daycare services…plus a few more for good measure 😉 To view the answers, simply click on the question field. Voila! It is that easy.

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About Dog Lodging

  • Howliday Inn always charges for the day that your pet arrives regardless of the time that you bring your pet in. Please note: Your reservation drop off date counts as Day #1. 

    Check-in time is after 12:00 PM. However, if you need to drop off your pup(s) BEFORE noon, please let us know. All early drop offs will be charged 1/2 a day lodging.

    Check-out time is 3:00 PM. However, if you need to pick up your pup(s) AFTER 3:00 PM, please let us know. All late pick-ups will be charged 1/2 a day lodging. 

    You may pick up OR drop off your pup(s) ANY day of the week OR weekend – no more waiting until Monday to pick up your furry family member. This policy ALSO applies to holidays.

    Please Note: There is a minimal fee included when lodging on certain holidays.

    Cancellation Fee: We understand that plans may change, and a cancellation may be necessary. We ask that if you do need to cancel, you give us a minimum of a 48 hour notice from your scheduled check-in day. For all no-shows or cancellations that are less than a 48 hour notice, customers will incur a charge of 1/2 their full board fee (example: customer requests 3 overnight stays @ $30 a night [$90 total], they will pay $45 total).

  • A deposit is required for stays of seven (7) or more days. A deposit may also be required especially during our busiest times of the year such as holidays and school break periods. The Howliday Inn Concierge will let you know if you will need to submit a deposit. 

    Reservations at our facility are limited in most of our boarding styles and we may become full very quickly during peak seasons of the year. When our facility reaches capacity, we are forced to refuse reservations. When someone with a current reservation cancels, does not show (or adjusts in some cases) last-minute, we often cannot refill the space.


    In most cases, clients will pay at pick up. However, for long term stays (seven (7) or more days), 1/2 payment is required at the time of drop off.

  • To be a guest at Howliday Inn, dogs are required to be current on their Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo and Parainfluenza (DHPP), Rabies and Bordatella vaccinations as well as a flea/tick preventative. Some veterinarians may require clients’ dogs to have the Canine Influenza vaccination and/or the Lepto vaccination – however these two vaccinations are not required for lodging. Regardless, we at Howliday Inn believe your vet is most familiar with what your pup(s) needs/need, and we will differ to him/her if anything else is needed or not needed regarding vaccination care. We will also be happy to discuss the requirements and/or request the vaccination records for our files. Please let us know if this service is needed.

  • While your dog is a guest at The Inn, we would love for him/her to make new friends! So depending on their temperament, they will have the opportunity to play with other dogs of like temperament in a supervised, structured setting. All other activities added to your pet’s stay are one-on-one with one of our wonderful caring Canine Concierge. Group play is FREE of charge to lodging guests. Any pup interested in this activity MUST participate in a social assessment with our on-staff Certified Dog Trainer, Jon. Please let us know at the time of booking if you would like your canine family to participate in group play.

  • Other than food, you do not need to bring anything for your pet’s stay, but you are more than welcome to bring some things from home to make their stay more comfortable. Many clients will bring a blanket (we provide Kurunda orthopedic beds for all our guests), toys and treats. Please limit the size of blankets to full size (so they can be washed if needed). Please do not bring dog bowls unless your pet will not eat from any other bowl or has an allergy to metal bowls. Many times your pet’s bowls will be washed and then forgotten at pick up. Do not bring ceramic or glass bowls for your pets as they can easily break.

  • We realize that you are going to be very anxious to reunite with your pet after your time away. We find that it is easier to settle your bill first before bringing your pet out to you. Most pets are very excited and it makes it very difficult to handle your paper work while they want your attention.

    Don’t forget to bring your leash and collar back with you, as we usually give them back to you at the time of drop off. This prevents them from being lost.

    If you are going to pick up your pet before the original pick up date, be sure to call us the day before so that we can bathe them if you requested this service.

    If your departure date is going to be a few days later, please let us know, as in most cases it isn’t usually a problem, but we like to know this so we can adjust our reserved spacing and do any bathing at the appropriate time.

    If someone else is to pick up your pet for you, please leave us his or her name (for security) and phone number. The bill must be paid at the time of departure. You may pay ahead, leave your credit card number on our file, leave a check with us or your friend, however you wish, but we do not release a pet without payment. (If you are having some personal problems and there are any persons you do not wish us to release your pet to, please make sure we are aware of this).

    Please do not give your pet a lot of water or food when they arrive home. Your pet will be excited and may appear very thirsty. The Inn always provides your pet with water. Allow your pet to settle at home for a while before giving him/her any food or water. If you give your pet a lot of water and food, you are running the chance of diarrhea and vomitting due to nerves and excitement.

About Deluxe Doggie Daycare

  • We have learned that one size does not fit all when it comes to dog daycare. Dogs can get overly tired and overly stimulated by playing all day without adequate rest. Dogs can also become bored from the same routine. Our unique daycare format ensures your dog gets plenty of rest as well as excellent quality of play. Plus, our on-staff Certified Dog Trainer, Jon, customizes the daycare program and oversees the safety and enjoyment of all our daycare attendees. Your pet will still get playtime with other dogs, but we’ll add some special small group activities and more one on one attention with the staff so that every day is a unique and fun day tailored specifically for your pet. 

  • All our applicant dogs must pass a social evaluation. The goals of the evaluation are:

    • To help us determine if daycare is right for you and your dog.
    • To help us know which play buddies your dog will have the most fun with and match him up in the best play room for him.
    • To learn a lot about your dog and how we operate. We feel this is important so you understand why we do what we do. Even more importantly, if your dog is not a good fit for daycare, you know why (Read – My Dog Got Kicked Out of Daycare Today)
    • To work out a “go forward” plan to help your dog resolve any issues such as shyness.
  • Absolutely! Your dog will go home tired but not so exhausted he can’t eat dinner or interact with the family. We are striving for quality play sessions balanced with adequate rest so your dog doesn’t get injuries from over exercising.

  • That really depends on what your dog likes! We will conduct a thorough assessment to find out what your dog really loves and then we’ll rotate those activities into your dog’s daily stay here. We have a wide range of activities including fetch, pool time, massage time, tricks, nosework, agility, tug time, nature hikes, stuffed kong time, etc.

  • When it’s time to take a nap, your dog will be provided with a quiet place to rest. Normally this will be a comfortable crate or run with bedding, water, and a stuffed kong treat for your dog. Once he’s done with his kong, your dog will take a much-needed break before his next activity. We think this down time is vital to healthy dogs and helps your dog get used to learning how to relax during the day.

  • To enroll your dog and get him/her started playing, please call us at 314-717-1PET (extension 2) or complete the daycare enrollment form & get the paperwork to us. You can bring forms in, mail/email them or fax to 314-717-1PET. We’ll give you a call to schedule a good time for you and your pet to come in for his/her social screening and to get comfortable with the facility prior to their first play day. You’ll need to plan about an hour for this initial enrollment visit.

    Once your pup has been through the social screening and everyone agrees he/she would enjoy daycare, you will want to secure your spot in our very tailored program and sign up for a membership. This will guarantee your pup’s participation any day your dog wants to attend! Since our personalized program is tailor fit to your dog’s needs and our dog-to-care attendant ratio is low to ensure quality individual attention is given to our daycare guests, space is limited. 

More Great Questions...and Equally Great Answers 🙂

  • Basic rates are listed on the lodging page ( and on the daycare page ( However, if you really want to learn more about what we are doing to give dogs & their humans the care & peace-of-mind they all deserve, consider calling, emailing or stopping by and talking to one of our fantastic Canine Concierge staff. Even though our pricing is very competitive with similar dog care facilities, a dollar amount cannot explain all that we do & how we do it. We believe taking the next step to learn more about us will be all the help you need when making that decision of where your canine companion(s) will be happiest while you are away.

  • We offer full baths, nail trimming, blow dry and brush outs for our guests. If pet parent’s wish to have these services included in their pet’s stay or after day care, please let one of our Canine Concierge team know when scheduling.

    We also offer doggie day spa services by appointment. To learn more about these services and/or to make an appointment, please email us using the “Contact Us” form on the right side of this page, or call us at 314-717-1PET ext 2. All required vaccinations for lodging are also required for day spa guests.

  • For the safety and well-being of all our guests, Kritter Kare’s Howliday Inn requires up-to-date vaccination records. These records, once initially entered online along with a paper copy of the records, can ONLY be modified by a Canine Concierge team member when presented with a paper copy from your veternarian of the updated vaccination dates. We are happy to contact your vet and request this information for you, just let us know. Any scheduling of services (e.g. lodging, day care, day spa, etc.) will be suspended until updated vaccination records are provided as outlined above. We appreciate your understanding regarding this policy, as it was put in place to ensure that all our canine guests have a healthy experience while in our care. Also, for your convenience, the database we use sends an email to any client with vaccination dates that will expire within 30 days.

  • There are two great ways clients can save. First, we do offer various discount opportunities on our services. These discounts appear throughout the year and are announced via email blasts and/or our Facebook page. However, our second way of saving is definitely pawtastic! All clients of Howliday Inn are immediately entered into our Paw Points program which offers points for every dollar spent. These points can be redeemed at the client’s discretion on ANY of our services. Points are tracked via our online client managment system and can be reviewed/tracked by the client at any time. Now, doesn’t that make you want to wag your tail? 😉